Dipl. Inform.
M A I K  L U T T E R K L A S


Siegfriedstrasse 85
D-33615 Bielefeld
    Diploma/MoS in Applied Computer Science in the Natural Sciences (Graduation year 1996)
P R A C T I C E  
2007 - today
  Software development, testing and technical support of digital videosystems
    on behalf ofMediengruppe RTL Deutschland / CBC Gmbh
    in mediation by Götzfried Professionals GmbH
  Software developer at Unlimited Gmbh Berlin for BestView 3D during FIFA WM 2006
2001– 2003
  Member of the BMBF project MONIST at Bielefeld University:
    Design and realisation of educational simulations for the better understanding of
    neuronal information processing and their curricular application
1998 - 2000   Member of the computational group at the Chair of Neurobiology at Bielefeld University:
    Modelling and simulation of neuronal processes, flight path analysis and
    reconstruction of natural stimulus situations via VR technology
1997   Evaluation of VR hard- & software components
    Programming of video analysis & synthesis systems
1985 - today
  Electronic music und sound installations
E X P E R T I S E  +  B U Z Z W O R D S
E-LEARNING   Educational simulations (authorship, design, implementation and application)
COMPUTER SCIENCE   Modeling & simulation of dynamic systems
    Image processing & -analysis, visualisation & animation(2D/3D), motion capture
    Software development, specification, OOA & OOD
    Neuroinformatics, artificial life, pattern recognition
    Languages: C/C++, JAVA
    Operating systems: WINDOWS, UNIX, MAC OS
SYSTEMS THEORY   Signals, feedback control systems, filters
BIOLOGY   Biological cybernetics, neurobiology (sensory systems, sensomotoric coupling)
MUSIC / AUDIO   Synthesis (subtractive, additive, FM, modular), sampling, MIDI, studio tech.& applications
T O O L S  
DEVELOPMENT   Eclipse, JBuilder, Borland, gcc/make, Emacs, Visual C++, Javadoc
SIMULATION / VR   Self made systems (Fliegenfänger, VFLY), Monist/Rubin, REALAX, PRISMS, MAYA, JAVA2D/3D
AUDIO   Sequencers (Cubase, Live), Softsynths/PlugIns, Editors etc., JSyn (JAVA Audio Engine)
GRAFIK / DTP   Photoshop / Gimp, Freehand, Indesign, Acrobat
WEB   Dreamweaver
P U B L I C A T I O N S  
2001   Kern R., Lutterklas M., Petereit C., Lindemann J. P., Egelhaaf M.:
    Neuronal processing of behaviourally generated optic flow: experiments and model simulations
    Network: Comput. Neural Syst. 12, 351 – 369
2000   Kern R., Lutterklas M., Egelhaaf M.:

Neuronal representation of optic flow experienced by unilaterally blinded flies

    on their mean walking trajectories.
    J.Comp.Physiol.A 186, 467 – 479
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